Time To Art

Perhaps it’s true what they say about how any old picture looks artistic if it was taken in black and white. Putting such a notion to the test, here are some pictures I took about a year and a half ago (I’d guess… Winter 2009, developed Summer 2010) when my dad gave me a photography lesson with a real camera. I don’t have a scanner so I took pictures of them with the webcam on my macbook. They’re a variety of different sizes because I developed them myself too! Hopefully I can get another lesson this summer, but I don’t know where if I could still develop them myself now that dad lost his dark room (long story).

Anyway, enjoy:

My dad, in the balaclava I knitted for him

These two are of my grandma – the first was taken in Autumn/Winter, on the original photography day, the second was taken in the summer just before we developed the film.

All of these images were, er, “re-photographed” using Photobooth set on the black and white setting to reduce glare (hence the black and white backgrounds). Photobooth reverses all images like a mirror, but I screwed up some of these images by developing them backwards to begin with, so I made myself dizzy trying to straighten them all out! Anyway, there’s probably some sort of statement about art in the complicated nature of this whole process, and the act of re-taking the image twice. It was a lot of fun arranging the images like this, I hope to make another image-based post again soon!

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