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you sunk my battleship!

So apparently the government are responding to the teachers’ strike in a manner eerily similar to that episode of The Simpsons with a teachers strike. That’s a paddlin’. Incidentally, doing a Google image search for “Jasper” without adding the clarifying second … Continue reading

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lets talk festivals

So tomorrow I’ll be leaving the comforts of my home life to go hang out in a big muddy field until 3 in the morning. Ha, no of course I’m not going to Glastonbury! It’s a Work Thing and I’m … Continue reading

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Paul Simon and Disillusionment

Maybe I first made the association between Paul Simon and wholesomeness wen I was a child because that’s when I first heard his music, due to my parents. Maybe his big dark eyes, soft voice and diminutive stature still remind … Continue reading

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