lets talk festivals

So tomorrow I’ll be leaving the comforts of my home life to go hang out in a big muddy field until 3 in the morning. Ha, no of course I’m not going to Glastonbury! It’s a Work Thing and I’m excited about it regardless. I’ll be sober the whole time though.

Did you know they make paisley macs now? I needed a raincoat for aforementioned work thing, and I’ve never owned one before, so obviously I got the cheapest one I could find. In William Morris lookin’ paisley.


Now Oscar Wilde-meets-Noel Gallagher-chic is more achievable than ever! Hence why I look so sulky, even though I am in fact delighted by my new garment: THAT’S THE LOOK. For some reason I thought it would be hilarious to take an “action” picture of myself trying the mac on.

Clearly I was right about that.

So anyway, back to festivals. If you’re going to a festival this year, why not buy a mac like this, from Peacocks? I’m going to a festival, but it’s not until December so I’ll probably need to bring a warmer coat.

This December, I will be attending the Jeff Mangum-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties. It poses a unique problem: how will I possibly figure out what clothes to bring without a What To Wear To Festivals guide in every magazine? What will I possibly wear without having had the same old hopefully obvious list of denim cutoffs, dry shampoo, bohemian-style summer dress, and Hunter Wellies drilled into my head for the last five years? If there’s no standardised uniform for the winter festival that every shop on the high street can feed to me through a dedicated festival-wear section, how will I know that I’m wearing the right stuff? It’s going to be a tough one.

A friend of mine is going to Glastonbury whose wardrobe I’ve always admired, so the only “festival fashion” pics I’m interested in are the ones that’ll be on facebook next week.

All Tomorrow’s Parties is still going to be OFF THE HOOK though because:

a) You can still get drunk in December, obvs.

b) Superchunk

c) Fleet Foxes

d) Alcohol + Jeff Mangum playing Neutral Milk Hotel songs LIVE = I’ll probably cry.

e) I get to see THE FALL and test my MARK E. SMITH THEORY. I can make observations of his onstage behaviour to confirm/invalidate my hypothesis that he sounds like he’s underwater because he is, in fact, some kind of mer-man.


But maybe a little more:

Oops, this ended up being my least coherent blog entry yet. Expect a proper high brow bit on art soon enough!

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