look like crabs, walk like people

So here’s a painting that I did:

It’s a watercolour I did on some homemade paper from ages ago that my mum found in a cupboard. It’s based on a picture of Lily Cole from Lula magazine and to be honest, the more I look at it, the angrier I get about the arms.

Home made paper had seemed like an incredibly lame idea to me ever since, um, the day after I last made some paper, and I can’t actually remember when that was. BUT! It actually makes a great texture to paint on and now I can’t wait to make more! Because it was pink, I had to apply about six hundred layers of white paint first, and at this point, people who know more about painting than me are probably thinking “so why use watercolours, dimwit, how about something thicker?”.

To be honest, I really don’t know that much about painting and I’ve only really familiarised myself with watercolours. It’s nice to find a pastime that I can enjoy without sweating and stressing about how good I am or how bad I suck, at least until after I finish each individual painting! Truly a level of relaxation that can only be expressed by this Iceland ad:

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