massive eyes

Here are some watercolours I did based on images from Lula magazine:

The first is on normal sketchbook paper, the second is on that weird home made stuff that scans really badly.

The fact that I copied these images from a magazine is something that I wanted to draw attention to because it’s such an imperfect way of doing things. I don’t really have a whole lot of stuff to paint, because my family members and boyfriend won’t sit still and it’s too cold to go outside and do landscapes. Copying images also seemed like a great way to practice and improve, and if you compare these images to the one in my last post (which I did before these) I do think I’m getting better.

A few weeks ago I went to a life drawing session. It kind of wasn’t a great experience, because the model’s poses were a bit rubbish, especially from the part of the room where I was sitting, BUT, it really hit me how different it is to draw a real person standing in front of you. No matter how well a photograph might express a feeling or idea, there’s a difference between trying to convey an idea that’s been fed to you by that image, or an idea you came up with yourself. I hope this isn’t sounding too pretentious, I guess I’m trying to say that the more time I spend on drawing and painting, the more I feel I need to improve on. But in a good way.

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  1. Awesome drawing information, really inspiring!

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