seasonally inappropriate

What do you do when your neighbour gives you a big Sainsbury’s bag of fabric scraps? Why, make yourself a hot new wardrobe on a budget of £NOTHING of course! I’m as happy and awkwardly dressed as a Von Trap child in a boat:

Ok, so I haven’t actually seen The Sound of Music. Not all of it at least. Anyway, here are some of the things I’ve been sewing, all of which have cheesy backgrounds that I added with Paint to try and alleviate my shyness about photography. There’s a moral for you here about the importance of conquering shyness.

A Summery Dress

This fabric was free, and I think the print looks like a six-year-old’s pillow case. I kind of like that? It also reminds me of when early-period Kate Nash used to dress like a Blue Peter presenter on crack:

But don’t worry, I’m not going to inflict any horrid rhymes about mouthwash on you.

A Velvet Dress

This was once a massive dress that I bought from a charity shop for £4. I cut off half the skirt and then made a top from the rest based off one of my favourite t-shirts. Don’t have much else to say, it’s a pretty simple dress.

A Square Peach Top, Velvet Headband and Checked Skirt

The top comes from the same freebie bag as the fabric from the children’s-pillowcase dress. It’s lovely and crepe-y and weird and I wanted to make a really plain and square style of top with it. The only problem is, I haven’t hemmed the collar or the armholes. I’m scared of it looking crap if I do, and I’m scared of it fraying like mad if I don’t.

The velvet headband was inspired by Ms Lola Lawal, one of a handful of girls I met at university who just dress super awesomely all the time. She inspired me with a pretty special turban tutorial, but not so much that I’ve developed the guts to actually go out wearing a full turban just yet. Call this a demi-turban, if you like, but it’s all stitched, not tied because I’m a big wuss.

The skirt is just a basic elasticated skirt made from leftover bits of this fabric I bought to make a dress. After I finished the skirt I found even MORE of this picnic-blanket-looking stuff so I’ve started working on a sort of detachable top-half, inspired by the likes of this:

And the fact that I own a plain denim dungarees dress which I love and wear all the time.

That’s it for now, but I have a lot of time on my hands so there should be more sooner rather than later!

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2 Responses to seasonally inappropriate

  1. lolalawal says:

    How have I only just seen this post! Thanks for the shout out dude :-) Honoured that I added to your inspiration although I must say your dressing was also an inspiration to me. Love your custom made dresses on here xx

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