super merry

Isn’t Christmas brilliant? I ended up giving two of my cousins and my brother’s girlfriend knitting lessons. I also finished knitting some socks:


They were meant to be tights but then I realised there was no reason not to just leave them as long socks. I used absolutely massive 12mm needles, and I cast on eight stitches which I increased to fourteen by the time I reached my thighs. I added short rows to shape the heels too.

I also like the idea that they’re an antidote to all the ridiculously elaborate, neat and prissy sock patterns out there, the evil twin of something like this. On the one hand, the people who can make socks like that are definitely better knitters than me but on the other hand, mine took about two evenings. Everyone knits for different reasons and at the end of the day I don’t get any extra pleasure from using more complicated techniques, or how fancy the texture of my socks might be. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m slagging them off just for having different preferences to me but at the end of the day knitting is only fun when you do it the way you like it. And I had the best time knitting with my family over Christmas! I can’t wait to see what they’ve made by this time next year.

Anyway, here’s a cool picture of Chloe Sevigny in a bedroom the same colour as my bedroom!  That name-tag-on-cardigan looks like another nice easy thing to try.

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  1. Love this! Things that are knit are so cute. xoxo

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