sitcom sonnet

Do you like the television show “How I Met Your Mother”? I like it okay, but my friend Dominic is IN LOVE with it, especially the character Barney Stinson, and so I decided that this Christmas I would write him a sonnet about just how much he loves the program and character. It’s really dumb, but I’m proud of it, so here it is:

Sonnet For Dominic

As knights set brave and glad upon their quest
He childlike yearns and joyfully suffers
In the heat of a tale not yet laid rest
This ballad of How I Met Your Mother.
Worshipful Dominic sees no other,
Disciple of this sitcom, home of his
Beloved who does not walk but hover
An angel without harp or halo’s gleam
He walks in gold and suited grace: Barney
Enchanting all around him with a spell,
A bond that sings unbroke by TV screen,
Charms not women alone but men as well.
Thus hearts are warmed and spirits made merry
By story Legen – wait for it – dary.

(This is the guy my friend likes)

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