odds and ends


So how about that new Wes Anderson trailer that I’ve already forgotten the name of? (I want to say Moonshine Kingdom? but if its about children, I doubt that is the case.) I must say I’m pretty excited to see Jason Schwartzman is channeling The Padre from Garth Marenghi:

Maybe it’s just me? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking because let’s face it, I love Garth Marenghi and I love The S – Man? So long as he’s nothing like the lame chaplain with the child’s voice from M.A.S.H.!


I got my dad series 3 of Original Star Trek for Christmas. There’s a similar ratio of good to crazy episodes as the other two, but the costumes are looking much less shabby. I love these dresses worn by the ladies who stole Spock’s brain:

And the hairdo of the Dr Jones, who has a fruitful career travelling around with a gas-based alien being who drives people mad if they look at him:

Tiara-loops! The new top-knot? I hope so!


In other news! The Book Arts Fayre is coming up in February, so  I wrote a blog post about one of the books that will be there called d PlsUR of d Txt by Nick Davies.

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