lazy girl neglects blog

Here’s (an underwhelming photograph of) something I made earlier:

A long time earlier, actually, I’ve been shy about whether or not I’m happy with how the dress turned out, but I’ve decided that I am. Depending on where in the world you live, you might think it’s crazy that I’m wearing a knitted dress at a time like this but actually, it’s bloody freezing in the UK right now. I still haven’t worn it outdoors, but trying it on today made me realise that I need to wear it with some damn leggins. It’s too skimpy for just tights. Here’s another picture, featuring a somewhat unnerving smirk:

I was pretty inspired by certain Rodarte dresses, like this one on Kirsten Dunst:

Obviously there are differences but, err, let’s not play the game of trying to spot them all, yeah? I like to focus on the similarity between the two pictures: neither my face nor Missy D’s look as pretty in these photos as we do in real life. It’s cool, that awkwardness happens to everyone and there’s no need to get prissy about it.

I do wanna know what stitch that is on the top half of the Rodarte dress is, though. I also want to know more about how to drop stitches artfully, as it is something I have yet to master. Watch this space, I guess, for more Hot Intermediate Knitting Action in the near future!

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6 Responses to lazy girl neglects blog

  1. Awesome dress! Looks really good with the leggings. Here in Slovakia it’s bloody hot so I don’t want to be wearing anything like that now but I’m sure it’s UK weather proof :)

  2. I prefer it over the Rodarte dress. Fact! Great work :)

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