So I’m late, but here’s the sonnet I wrote my dad for Father’s Day. A few nights ago my family watched a documentary called The Men Who Made Us Fat (or something). Now, my dad does have some issues with food, and the next day when I was choosing him a present I ended up getting him a voucher thingy from Oxfam where you donate food for a third world family.

Obviously it’s a Spenserian sonnet because writing a Petrarchan sonnet for a parent is just weird.

For Father’s Day this year I thought about

That program we saw Friday night on ‘watch

Again,’ with terrifying facts throughout

About junk food turning our willpow’r soft

And all the golden habits that we’ve lost

As snack time, low fat, sucrose, fructose fail

To fill us up, our healthy choices botched!

Therefore my plans to buy you chocolate paled.

I had good intentions but I flailed.

And then a new idea came to mind:

I found Oxfam at the end of my trail

And chose a gift that might spare your waistline.

I hope you do not think of food and feel depressed,

But this gift makes you think how its used best.

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