beep beep

The only reason I misuse the “fashion” tag so badly on this blog is that it’s actually delivered more hits than like anything else I’ve tried. Consider this post a loving tribute to that little detail.

I can’t remember why I wanted to take a picture of myself, but I’m going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and assume it was in aid of some really important point. Anyway, I clicked the logo on Photobooth that initiates the countdown-to-picture-taking and leapt back. I stepped too far and hit the back of my heel against the wardrobe. It fucking hurt! I fell forwards again and saw the all too familiar flash of my laptop taking my picture.

Enjoy my pain!

[lame aside: check out the Tom & Jerry sticker on the bottom of my bedroom door! Anyone else remember some point in the late 90s when those stickers came out as free gifts in cereal boxes? I think you’re supposed to stick them on wainscotting but of course I stuck mine on the door because I guess I enjoyed the nonsense and stupidity of having a mousehole… on a door…]

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