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questions, questions

Is that Bjork on the back of the Shredded Wheat box? Advertisements

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songs I’m gonna sing in jail I like this blog a lot. My feelings about fashion photography are complicated. I like looking at pretty clothes, I like looking at pretty make-up, and I’m happy to see them shown off by pretty girls, or sometimes odd-looking … Continue reading

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the courier’s tragedy

Here are some inspirational images because I’m still trying to work on issue 2 of Sweet and Tender. The theme is Black Cats (and tangentially stuff like magic, witches, good and bad luck, my relationships with animals (eww, not like … Continue reading

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cold weather, hot water

I can’t name, but I can emphatically shame the person who donated not one, not two, but SIX Hot Water Music albums to a certain Bristol charity shop. What were you thinking, random stranger? I bought three! (Finding The Rhythms, … Continue reading

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how to spend your money

As the angry trebuchet of British weather flings us from piping hot summer straight into the crisp and frosty precipice of Autumn, it’s time we all got to thinking about what we’re going to wear to keep us warm. Because, … Continue reading

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I’m currently reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt. It’s very dark and very addictive: you know the feeling where any time you’re not reading that certain book you’re still thinking about it, either wishing you were reading it or … Continue reading

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