cold weather, hot water

I can’t name, but I can emphatically shame the person who donated not one, not two, but SIX Hot Water Music albums to a certain Bristol charity shop. What were you thinking, random stranger? I bought three! (Finding The Rhythms, Fuel For The Hate Game, Never Ender)

It’s actually kind of weird that Hot Water Music have existed for so long only on the periphery of my musical tastes but I never made more of an effort to get into them until just now. In my teens I looooooved Lifetime, Jawbreaker, Gaslight Anthem, all those sorts of bands (okay, so actually those three are pretty different to each other but I think you can use Hot Water Music as the connecting factor within the group, which only proves my point about how weird it is that I never listened to them before) and although my whole “punk Ariane” schtick fell by the wayside in university, my ears haven’t radically altered, physically.

Something about Hot Water Music felt nice and autumnal to me and the right kind of thing for the season. This is actually the third consecutive post where I’ve talked about the weather and the season and the only explanation I have is that I really like Autumn. I like Halloween, I like going back to school, I like Guy Fawkes Night, I like conkers and orange leaves and mild temperatures and at the risk of all of the above sounding even cheesier, I like the intensity of feeling and memory that it’s easy to associate with changing seasons. In addition to the sounds of my new CDs, I love the colours of the cover art which feels Autumnal and looks like bits of bodies suffering from frostbite (in my head, that is, I’ve never seen anyone with frostbite in real life).

Here’s a playlist I put together based around the theme of Autumn and cold weather. It reflects the diversity that, probably, most early-twenty-somethings notice in our music taste when we compare it to what we listened to in our teens. When you’re a teen and you feel all lost and confused it’s easy to purposely ghettoise your own music taste to acquire some sense of identity, whether you love boybands or punk or emo or whatever. Obviously it’s common for those feelings of directionlessness and confusion to continue into your twenties but it’s easy to mellow out when it comes to music and cast your net wider, or maybe just to switch focus and find something else to cling to instead. Anyway, if you live somewhere cold, I hope these songs make sense and “fit” your feelings about the weather. This is the sort of thing I like listening to when I go out for a walk all wrapped up in woollen stuff.

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