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budget livin’

3 D. H. Lawrence paperbacks for 1 British Pound from the charity shop Free nail polish. Thanks, American Apparel email list, the only email list that doesn’t make me angry! What are your best money saving tips?┬áDo you hate mailing … Continue reading

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it’s tough for you to get by

Remember when I said I hated fashion photography? I stand by the fact that fashion photography is 99% awful and gross. I bought this December’s Vogue because Grimes was in it but it’s just horrific and full of fur coats … Continue reading

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7 inch

Do you like Atom & His Package? I found this single for just 50p in the bizarro Bristol record shop “Head” yesterday. It’s not a split per se, it’s just Atom & His Package and Har Mar Superstar each recording … Continue reading

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tipp ex

I saw this: And thought immediately of this film: Firstly: how great was Hanna? I may have to talk about how amazing it was in a later blog. And the soundtrack! And the guy from Rev as a nasty gangster! … Continue reading

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altogether it went well

Here’s a painting I did the other night: I don’t really have anything interesting to say about it, only that scanning paintings is still just about the least fun that anything can be. Oh, and here’s a lovely cover of … Continue reading

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grandma’s house

From my desktop to your eyes: here are some random pictures I’ve saved from all over the web. Nice cardi. Nice windows. Nice observations on the awkwardness of family life. Nice floppy hat. Nice specs. Nice knitting supplies.

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well, hello

What did you do on Sunday night? I went to a clothes-swap and picked up some amazing shiny trousers! Unfortunately, despite their beauty they are way too tight for me. I can wear them, but can’t really sit down in … Continue reading

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