well, hello

What did you do on Sunday night? I went to a clothes-swap and picked up some amazing shiny trousers!

Unfortunately, despite their beauty they are way too tight for me. I can wear them, but can’t really sit down in them – as is made all too clear in these pictures, I mean, check out the outline of my pelvis bone. Such an attractive look. Consider this a loving tribute to their memory, before I am forced to sell them on eBay.

Think of it as a shiny-trouser-shrine.

They’re perfect right down to the tiniest details: the brand name on the label is “Swanky Modes of London”. Of course the fit is so freakishly tight: they’re not for sitting or walking in, they’re for swanking in! Here’s a picture in which I attempted to adopt a somewhat “swankier” pose:

Like the Ramsay family in Virginia Woolf’s beautiful “To The Lighthouse”, let us ponder transience and the fleeting nature of things. Sometimes we must bid farewell to the good things and be content to know we ever knew them, if only for a short time. Goodbye, hilarious trousers. It’s been great.

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