tipp ex

I saw this:

And thought immediately of this film:

Firstly: how great was Hanna? I may have to talk about how amazing it was in a later blog. And the soundtrack! And the guy from Rev as a nasty gangster! And the fairy tale house!

Secondly: Any chance a gal can rock the bleached out eyebrows look – outside of a magazine cover or film – without looking crazy? I found this lass when googling the phrase “bleached eyebrows” and it looks like she’s having the time of her life:

(although she does look a little crazy)

I tried to figure out what I might look like sans sourcils by sticking plasters over them and taking pictures:

Except it seemed wasteful to attach them directly to the face. I left the backs on the plasters and tried to stick them on my forehead with sweat alone. B£auty on a budg£t!

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