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to boldly go to the hairdresser

Kes really had the absolute worst hairstyle of anyone on Star Trek, didn’t she? Perpetually at the “awkward growing out stage” and the colour is just awful. I mean, did she get Neelix to bleach it? Gross. And with those … Continue reading

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compare and contrast

We’re only now coming out of the fug of End Of Year Lists that haunt the otherwise-brilliant period between Christmas and the start of the new year. It’s a weird time when everyone and their mother thinks the world wants … Continue reading

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seven deadly sins

Among the top things I really need to start doing to improve my health (spiritual, mental and physical) “stop wasting time on stupid online shops” is up there with “get more exercise” and “start meditating”. THAT SAID … Firstly: everyone … Continue reading

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the strappening?

The other day I talked about a jumpsuit I made. Do you like jumpsuits? Do you like sexy, sexy celebrities? Well here are some pictures of ladies in cuuuuute dresses with wide straps. For some reason this is a detail … Continue reading

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seven things I loved about Seven Psychopaths

The pacing was perfect.┬áIt was the least bored I’ve been in a film for absolutely ages! The foreshadowing is subtle, every question is answered before you get sick of trying to figure it out in your own head and the … Continue reading

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it’s eleven thirty

I made a jumpsuit! It took me about two days and it was an absolutely wonderful experience, by which I mean that the absolute minimum amount of panicking took place. Usually I get to a point about halfway through a … Continue reading

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knitting genius

Oops! It’s been a while. I’m in love with these skirts from this lovely website. How amazing are these patterns? The colour combinations are genius and the patterns are so cute (without being cutesy) and basic (without being boring). They’re … Continue reading

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