knitting genius



Oops! It’s been a while. I’m in love with these skirts from this lovely website. How amazing are these patterns? The colour combinations are genius and the patterns are so cute (without being cutesy) and basic (without being boring). They’re a perfect antidote to the ghastly fake-Scandinavian knitted tat that’s become ubiquitous this winter and look like a great project to reignite your (my) love of knitting for 2013. The construction looks so simple, though from looking at these pictures I can’t tell if switching between rib and garter stitch is enough to create shaping around the waistband or if there’s any elastic hidden in the ribbing. Any ideas?

The website I linked to also contains a cute, mint green bobble hat that reminds me of this outfit from Rear Window:


Only because of the colour, though. I don’t think Lisa Freemont would wear a bobble hat.

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