it’s eleven thirty

I made a jumpsuit!

It took me about two days and it was an absolutely wonderful experience, by which I mean that the absolute minimum amount of panicking took place. Usually I get to a point about halfway through a sewing or knitting project where I have no idea what to do with certain seams, or I freak out that I’m about to run out of fabric, or it’s much too big or too small. That did not happen here, it was relatively breezy and the only thing I really had to worry about was whether to use ribbons or straps to hold the bodice up.

More sewing-talk later though, first here are the pictures. Now I don’t want to bore you with too much self-deprecating stuff, so I’ll warn you once that I am not Tyra Banks and these pictures are not exactly Vogue-worthy and leave it at that. Behold:


No really, there are no good places in my house to take photographs of yourself, at least none better than this random corner of the living room. Next is a somewhat misguided action shot:


Myspace-style close up:


And a creepy-faced snap of how I’ll actually be wearing it in January at least. Because it’s freezing:


I’m so happy with how it turned out! The fabric came from some old Laura Ashley curtains, which led me to describe the project to my friend as the outfit of a “hipster Von Trapp child”. I love the pattern, though there are some flaws (if you look really closely at the join between the front and back of the bodice, you can see that one side is more faded from the sun than the other). It’s elasticated and actually a little tight to pull over my hips because the fabric is so thick, I couldn’t make the bodice too slouchy. Although it still basically fits.

I got the pattern from this absolutely brilliant book which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in sewing their own clothes. It’s clever, original and extremely useful: The book contains patterns for ten different garments (two skirts, two dresses, a slouchy top, a pair of trousers, a hoodie, a cloak and a jumpsuit) and contains eight different “collections” which are basically a handful of ways to rework those same garments (for example, I could make another jumpsuit with shorts rather than full trousers, or a halter neck, or flared trousers, etc, etc). I can’t say enough good things about this book, so I’ll cut myself short before it turns into full-blown gushing. But don’t be surprised if you see any more posts about jumpsuits later this year.

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