the strappening?

The other day I talked about a jumpsuit I made. Do you like jumpsuits? Do you like sexy, sexy celebrities? Well here are some pictures of ladies in cuuuuute dresses with wide straps. For some reason this is a detail I’m really into at the moment on dresses and stuff (hence the use of wide straps on my jumpsuit, though I’d originally planned to use ribbon).


The second one is actually saved to my computer with a file name something like “I MUST HAVE ZOOEY DESCHANEL’S DRESS” all in capitals like that. I think what I like about this style is the fact that it’s one of those “so unsexy it’s sexy” things: for one thing, they’re more unusual than teeny thin spaghetti style straps, or halter necks. Also, they look like the straps on dungarees or aprons so it looks like you should be wearing something underneath. Hence the sexy effect when you don’t! I cannot believe how many times I’ve used the word “sexy” in this post, yes, I know it’s embarrassing.

What are your favourite weird little details? How many times can you use the word “sexy” in one conversation? Do you think that Joseph Gordon Levitt went to the record store in the above image to buy the prominently signposted UB40 records? To what extent is listening to UB40 a huge turn-off in otherwise cute boys?

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