in the stars ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ?

Today I came across some great things on the internet, relating to astronomy and astrology. Not just great things, two things that were exactly what I needed to read exactly when I needed it.

First, check out this piece about Bedwyr Williams, an artist who is representing Wales at the Venice Biennale this year with an installation that sounds really exciting and witty and cool. He articulates a lot of the stuff I was trying to say in this post far better than I could. Here are some choice quotes (although I definitely recommend reading the whole thing!):

“Williams’ heroes are amateur astronomers like Phil Shepherdson, who built his own telescope using catering-sized baked-bean cans held together with coat hangers; and Moelwyn Thomas, who built an observatory in his back garden.”

“His serious point in The Starry Messenger is that Britain has lost a valuable hobby culture … What has happened to the great British eccentric?”

“a domesticated cosmos, or domesticity celebrated on a cosmic scale, depending on your point of view.”

Then there’s this horoscope I found.

Leo: This week is a week for getting clean, for getting new, for letting all your bad feelings leave your body through your pores and through your tears. It’s a week for getting rid, as much as you can, of all of the sadness and resentment you’ve carried in your body all winter, for getting rid of all the small hurts that make it hard for you to live. Try, this week, to go forward with nothing but your small self and your weird bravery and no anger but the anger that you need to get by.

I read it here (the other star signs are at that link too). I don’t want to dwell on current situation but I thought it was so pretty and clever and inspirational.

cool painting with moon

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