I don’t really want to delete this blog, though I don’t know if anyone in particular will be reading it. Before I get into any of the reasons why, here’s where I’ll be writing from now on:


and here’s my blog for photography, paintings, drawings etc:


I’ve seen other people ditch old blogs and start new ones in the past, and I did tend to wonder if that was a bit silly. But as much as I like writing there’s lots about blogging that’s really bothered me and I think starting a new one will resolve some of those frustrations. Here are some bullet points, because honestly, if you’ve read this far I have even less faith that you’ll read for too much longer:

– I’ve been writing in this blog since university, and it’s been a weird, aimless time. So call me lame if you like, for phrasing this in such internetty terms, but this is a sort of symbolic cutting away of a time in my life that I’m not hugely keen to lay claim to. I mean, I’ve been unemployed. A lot. For the vast majority of my graduate life. I haven’t really finished figuring out who I am, or what I want out of life, or a career but I’m getting better at finding approaches to such questions that aren’t totally painful.

– I really hate the concept of “branding” (as explored in Naomi Klein’s No Logo and Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17) but “web presence” seems like a term that offers more wiggle room? I mean, I want to write a blog because I like writing as a way of working through ideas (especially confusing, unsettling or delightful ones) and even better than that I like using pictures and words together. The phrase “web presence” is kind of nagging – websites offering careers advice to budding creative types in any field at all always bring it up like insistent mothers. You really should have one, of some variety. And like most advice that you’re sick of hearing from your parents it’s rooted in truth: there are huge advantages to doing creative things online as well as just in journals and sketchbooks and so on.

– I’ve found it hard to figure out the tone of this blog. Starting anew might give me the chance to be more consistent right off the bat – I mean, to the extent that’s even possible considering I don’t like pinning myself down and want to write about everything from clothes to trashy tv, to literature. I don’t want to limit myself to only writing to things that are “on brand” because it’s not about carving out an identity for myself but figuring out the voice that fits so that I can probe deeper. Maybe it’s less about consistency and more about fluency.

I don’t think this is the sharpest or most insightful thing anyone’s ever written it but this is the sort of overcomplicated, awkward prose that I’m trying to leave behind. If you have a blog of your own or whatever sort of interest in writing, you probably have some idea what I mean. I don’t know if I’m really saying good bye to anyone because I don’t think anyone’s followed this blog that closely. But a few people liked a few posts so it seems worth leaving them all up. That’s it, really.


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