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I don’t really want to delete this blog, though I don’t know if anyone in particular will be reading it. Before I get into any of the reasons why, here’s where I’ll be writing from now on: and here’s … Continue reading

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Lately life seems really exciting like there’s so much new stuff to try and I have a natural aptitude for anything I set my mind to. Tonight I made soup with this recipe from some free cabbage and it was … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about clothes more than usual lately, for a number of reasons: a) it’s been so hot and my wardrobe needs supplementing to help me endure the temperature without boiling to death and b) I’ve recently started a … Continue reading

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I haven’t been this fascinated by Photobooth since I realised you could use it to take pictures of your uvula (try it!) but I’ve started using my laptop to take pictures of my roots, as I’m currently in the (super … Continue reading

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‘iceland was iceland before france was france or england was england or italy was italy’

I’m so excited. My boyfriend picked this up for me after spotting it in a charity shop, and I was delighted! God bless men who know that the way to a girl’s heart is via… prose works of the 12th … Continue reading

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t s eliot’s happy hour

‘And I recommend you the same prescription … Let me prepare it for you, if I may … Strong … but sip it slowly … and drink it sitting down. Breathe deeply, and adopt a relaxed position’ – Gin and … Continue reading

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do everything yourself

Lately I’ve been making juice. By “lately” I mean “today and yesterday” but it’s so quick and simple that it’s hard not to grow conceited and start thinking of yourself as some kind of juice expert. Don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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