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Lately life seems really exciting like there’s so much new stuff to try and I have a natural aptitude for anything I set my mind to. Tonight I made soup with this recipe from some free cabbage and it was … Continue reading

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in the stars ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ?

Today I came across some great things on the internet, relating to astronomy and astrology. Not just great things, two things that were exactly what I needed to read exactly when I needed it. First, check out this piece about … Continue reading

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random thoughts

My boyfriend used to ask me to sew up holes in his clothes and reattach buttons that fell off. I refused because I think people should know some basic sewing skills by the time they reach a certain age, regardless … Continue reading

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bronze, silver, gold

I treat galleries that have free admission in pretty much the same way as buffets: so long as I don’t have to pay I will go back again and again as much as I can. My boyfriend mostly disagrees with … Continue reading

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altogether it went well

Here’s a painting I did the other night: I don’t really have anything interesting to say about it, only that scanning paintings is still just about the least fun that anything can be. Oh, and here’s a lovely cover of … Continue reading

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songs I’m gonna sing in jail

http://andrewnuding.blogspot.co.uk/ I like this blog a lot. My feelings about fashion photography are complicated. I like looking at pretty clothes, I like looking at pretty make-up, and I’m happy to see them shown off by pretty girls, or sometimes odd-looking … Continue reading

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not one bit

First things first, my zine can be purchased from the marvellous Marching Stars distro, or the delightful Vampire Sushi. Hooray! Alternatively: let me know if you want to do a trade! On the weekend I watched the crazy 1980s film … Continue reading

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