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I’ve been thinking about clothes more than usual lately, for a number of reasons: a) it’s been so hot and my wardrobe needs supplementing to help me endure the temperature without boiling to death and b) I’ve recently started a … Continue reading

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to boldly go to the hairdresser

Kes really had the absolute worst hairstyle of anyone on Star Trek, didn’t she? Perpetually at the “awkward growing out stage” and the colour is just awful. I mean, did she get Neelix to bleach it? Gross. And with those … Continue reading

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seven deadly sins

Among the top things I really need to start doing to improve my health (spiritual, mental and physical) “stop wasting time on stupid online shops” is up there with “get more exercise” and “start meditating”. THAT SAID … Firstly: everyone … Continue reading

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it’s eleven thirty

I made a jumpsuit! It took me about two days and it was an absolutely wonderful experience, by which I mean that the absolute minimum amount of panicking took place. Usually I get to a point about halfway through a … Continue reading

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well, hello

What did you do on Sunday night? I went to a clothes-swap and picked up some amazing shiny trousers! Unfortunately, despite their beauty they are way too tight for me. I can wear them, but can’t really sit down in … Continue reading

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how to spend your money

As the angry trebuchet of British weather flings us from piping hot summer straight into the crisp and frosty precipice of Autumn, it’s time we all got to thinking about what we’re going to wear to keep us warm. Because, … Continue reading

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beep beep

The only reason I misuse the “fashion” tag so badly on this blog is that it’s actually delivered more hits than like anything else I’ve tried. Consider this post a loving tribute to that little detail. I can’t remember why … Continue reading

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