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Lately life seems really exciting like there’s so much new stuff to try and I have a natural aptitude for anything I set my mind to. Tonight I made soup with this recipe from some free cabbage and it was … Continue reading

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it’s tough for you to get by

Remember when I said I hated fashion photography? I stand by the fact that fashion photography is 99% awful and gross. I bought this December’s Vogue because Grimes was in it but it’s just horrific and full of fur coats … Continue reading

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the courier’s tragedy

Here are some inspirational images because I’m still trying to work on issue 2 of Sweet and Tender. The theme is Black Cats (and tangentially stuff like magic, witches, good and bad luck, my relationships with animals (eww, not like … Continue reading

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lazy girl neglects blog

Here’s (an underwhelming photograph of) something I made earlier: A long time earlier, actually, I’ve been shy about whether or not I’m happy with how the dress turned out, but I’ve decided that I am. Depending on where in the … Continue reading

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reading room

What’ve you been up to lately? I’ve been working on zines! Here’s the cover of the second Sweet & Tender: Err, you haven’t even read the first one yet, have you? About two people have. I’m going to post a … Continue reading

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seasonally inappropriate

What do you do when your neighbour gives you a big Sainsbury’s bag of fabric scraps? Why, make yourself a hot new wardrobe on a budget of ┬úNOTHING of course! I’m as happy and awkwardly dressed as a Von Trap … Continue reading

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